What's Different About First & Foremost?

Jun 16, 2022 | BY First & Foremost Clinical Team

What's Different About First & Foremost?

There are more than 76,000 supplementation products on the market — that’s a lot. But a lot of them aren’t any good — they take a patchwork approach to covering nutrient needs, or they give you too much or too little, or they’re full of contraindications. Sometimes they overpromise and underdeliver, claiming to “personalize” supplements when the science just doesn’t support that approach. Nothing is comprehensive, and sometimes you just end up with expensive pee.

Not anymore. Meet First & Foremost, We believe nutrients should come from food, and supplements should be just that — supplemental. It’s nearly impossible to eat a perfect diet with enough of all the essential vitamins and minerals — that’s why supplements are important for nearly everyone.


Designed by Registered Dietitians

We’re dietitians who couldn’t stomach recommending supplements that don’t do their job. So we set out to create a program to believe in, one that offers the right amount of all the nutrients we all need every day. We’re not celebrities, influencers or salespeople — we’re registered dietitians who wanted a different approach for ourselves and for health-minded consumers.


No more 3000% DV of a nutrient, kidney stress or expensive pee

Too many supplements — especially single-nutrient ones — provide way too much of a nutrient, more than our body can process. Not only is that a waste of money, but it can also be dangerous. While many people worry about a nutrient deficiency, exceeding the upper limit can put undue stress on your kidneys, and can sometimes be fatal. Fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and minerals such as magnesium, iron and potassium pose the biggest risk, while excessive calcium (hypercalcemia) can lead to kidney stones and cardiac arrhythmia.

Here, we’re guided by RDA, because we believe a supplement should be supplemental to your diet — there’s no need to exceed RDA.


No more piecemeal DIY programming

Many supplementers piece together their own programs, which can lead to oversupplementation and poor absorption. Trying to figure out when to take calcium and magnesium and fat-solubles and water-solubles — and how much of each — can be a complicated task. We did the thinking for you, offering the 26 essential nutrients you really need, in a sensible dosage so that it complements your diet and provides a strong foundation.


No more broken promises of a single pill

We wish it were as easy to get all the nutrition you need in a single pill, but the science simply does not support it. There are several factors that impact bioavailability.


The 26 nutrients you really need

Calcium, iron and potassium are nutrients of public health concern, and 10 million Americans are iron-deficient.


Meanwhile, Americans tend to overconsume salt, eliminating the need to supplement sodium and chloride. Of the 30 essential nutrients, we provide the 26 you really should supplement.